Meet the Founders

Nordic peace is a family owned business founded by Gabriel & Catherine, a Canadian couple that has a passion for entrepreneurship, decor, minimalist design and value the importance of saving our planet and wildlife. 

Gabriel (28) & Catherine (27) met 6 years ago in Montreal Canada, and since then they have become best friends, lovers, travel partners & business partners. 

Their passion for life and adventure has driven them to travel around the world, discovering new places and experiences. Since then, both have been working together full time to develop Nordic Peace. 



Gabriel, a graduate alumni in Management from John Molson School of Business (Concordia) in Montreal, founded Nordic Peace in January 2020.  

"I just graduated and had the drive to launch my own startup in the goal of offering a bright future for my family. I also had the need to develop something greater than myself, something that could have a positive impact on our planet (particularly towards saving wildlife which means a lot to me). When working on the creative identity of Nordic Peace, Catherine was renovating her room. I quickly realized how Catherine had the eye for beautiful, minimalist decor and aesthetics, that brought some kind of peaceful and calming state to our environment. That is when it all started, that is when we knew what direction and identity we wanted to give to our future business Nordic Peace.

Gabriel is responsible for business strategy & development, supply chain, management & growth opportunities. 



Catherine is now the full time product, website and marketing manager of Nordic Peace. 

I graduated in marketing and was a sales manager for 8 years at a cosmetics company. I always wanted to have my own business, create something meaningful all while enjoying life with my family. I have a passion for interior design, cute things and everything in between that brings me well-being. I love having a minimalist environment that makes me feel good and at peace. It was natural for me to start Nordic Peace in order to transmit this passion to as many people as possible.

"We are working very hard to develop something meaningful, something that resonates with our community. Beautiful and creative minimalist products, personal support, social and environmental impact are the three pillars that define Nordic Peace.


Gabriel & Catherine have been together for 6 years now and are working hard to develop Nordic Peace into a leading brand in the minimalist decor and apparel market. 

Supporting Nordic Peace is helping us achieve our dream of developing a bright future for our family and loved ones. We are dedicated to working hard and offering great product and services that you love. 

Thank you for supporting our lifelong project and making our dream possible. From our family to yours, we wish you love, health and prosperity.

Gabriel & Catherine ♡