Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my country or state/province?

We have stable delivery service to North America, Europe, United-Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand. We also offer shipping services to many other countries.

I just placed an order, when will it ship?

We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to ship out.

Tracking numbers will be updated 1-2 days after your order has been shipped. If you don't have a tracking number 5 business days after you placed your order, please email us at for further support.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Normal Delivery Times:

  • USA: 3-8 business days
  • Canada: 3-8 business days
  • United Kingdom: 2-6 business days
  • Europe: 3-8 business days
  • Australia : 4-10 business days
  • New Zealand: 4-12 business days
  • International: 4-15 business days

    Holiday Delivery Times (Orders placed between Black Friday Nov 26 to Boxing Day Dec 26): 

    • USA: 5-10 business days
    • Canada: 5-10 business days
    • United Kingdom: 5-8 business days
    • Europe: 5-10 business days
    • Australia & New Zealand: 5-10 business days
    • International: 6-20 business days

    In case of high demand or transportation issues, shipping times might take longer. In that case please contact us and we will gladly assist you. 

    After placing an order, how can I track my order? 

    You can track your order via our on-site tracking platform (enter your order number & email), OR contact our support team for detailed tracking

    I received a damaged product, what can I do?

    We offer a free reshipments for any defective or damaged products upon receipt. Customers have 15 days after delivery to inform us about their damaged product. Email us at with clear images/videos of the damaged product.

    I have entered an incorrect address what do I do?

    If you have entered an incorrect address, please contact us at as soon as possible. However if your order has already been processed, it will not be possible to modify the address nor cancel the order/offer refund. Always make sure to enter your correct address when placing your order. 

    Can I cancel my order?

    If you want to cancel your order, contact our support team as soon as possible. However if your order is already processed, we will not be able to cancel the order. 

    My tracking is not updating, what can I do? 

    If your tracking has not updated since you placed your order or has stop updating for more than 10 days, do not worry, your order is neither lost nor forgotten. Our tracking platform might have issues showcasing your courier info. Solve this issue by contacting our support team for personalized support regarding the tracking of your Nordic Peace parcels. 

      I ordered multiple packages, but only received one. What is happening?

      Please wait a little longer, the rest of your shipment will arrive soon. You can track every package of your order on our tracking platform or contact our customer service experts at for personalized support. 

      How many days do I have to initiate a return? 

      You have up to 15 days (from the moment your order is delivered) to inform us of any issues with your order and to initiate a return. Please follow the Return Policy instructions and eligibility requirements before contacting us for a return address.

      I have emailed Nordic Peace support but have yet to receive a response after 2 business days of contact. What do I do? 

      We usually respond to all emails within 14 hours of receiving your message. Some responses might take longer during Holiday time. However, if you have not received a response from our team within 2 business days of sending your email, there is a chance we have never received your email because of a server error. Yahoo or AOL emails have issues delivering to our system. If your have not received a response from us after 2 business days of contacting us, please contact us via Instagram or Facebook messenger.

      I am hesitant to purchase because I've never framed canvas before. Will it be wrinkly or difficult to frame? Will it lie flat like paper?

      Our canvas prints are very easy to frame. Unlike paper prints, canvas prints will regain their original shape after unboxing. The prints themselves arrive rolled in a heavy-duty tube protector. We then suggest to unroll the print and stretch it on a flat surface. If you want to speed up the process, you can always lie books on the print for immediate flattening effect. When print is fully flat, your will be able to frame your prints as desired. Shop our Nordic Peace Frames.

      I have a question that wasn't answered, can you please help?

      Absolutely! We are here to help you! Please send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.