Flatware Care Guide

All our flatware are made from Food Grade Stainless steel. However, small stains may appear if the utensils are not dried properly after use or wash. This does not mean the stains are permanent and that the utensils are damaged. It only means the products were not dried properly. 

Flatware Good Care Practices:

  1. When washing the utensils, rince the the soap from the utensils.
  2. Dry the utensils after each wash. 
  3. If stains appear, follow the following procedure to remove them:

A. If the utensils are not dried after use or wash, stains may appear:  

B. To remove the stains, use a heavy duty sponge with soap to scrub the stains off the flatware.
C. When the stains are removed, rinse the utensils under hot water. 
D. Dry the utensils using a dry cloth. 
E. Good scrubbing will always remove the stains off the utensils. 

Having small stains does not mean your utensils are damaged and will not grant you a "Damaged Product" refund.

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